How to get Cheap Legitimate Facebook Page Likes

How to get Cheap Legitimate Facebook Page Likes This video and post is about how to get cheap legitimate Facebook page likes via advertising. Buying likes is never a good option. From Paul Murphy all about Facebook advertising. A shortened version of the video: When you advertise on Facebook you get into a bidding war with anyone else who’s vying for that space on Facebook. You need a really good relevancy score for your bid price to come down, so if you’ve … Read more

How to Start your Pinterest Journey

Okay, so the last post was all about why you should be using Pinterest for your business. This is a learning curve for me too as despite using the platform for many years, I still know very little about it. So while you learn how to start your Pinterest journey, I too am learning along with you. Let us Begin! When you are on the main page, you can choose to either login to … Read more

Why We Should Use Pinterest for Business

Why We Should Use Pinterest For Business

This post began because I wanted to know more about Pinterest. I have seen some interesting videos about Pinterest lately and learnt how it can grow your business traffic. It piqued my interest enough to really want to know why we should use Pinterest for business. I tried a different way to create a pin described in a video, not all the detail was there of course because teaching it was this couple’s business. But … Read more

Social Jacker Review

Social Jacker Review

Are you wasting too much money on paid adverts just to build your email list? Time to check out this Social Jacker Review! It’s tough to know what to do for the best isn’t it? Are you spending money on getting subscribers because you might not get real email addresses otherwise? It’s a fairly common thing to do of course. Many of the internet marketers feel they need to create a website, get paid ads … Read more

TweetPush PRO Review 2021

TweetPush PRO Review 2021

What is TweetPush PRO? It is a Twitter marketing tool that will help you to get more traffic and audience on your Twitter handles on complete, 100% autopilot. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about Twitter marketing because TweetPush PRO will take care of everything. So, you don’t have to spend endless time every day posting on Twitter. Don’t you want to know how this  TweetPush PRO review 2021 can help you and … Read more

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