Luxury Home Office Chairs

Why is an office chair even that important? What makes a luxury home office chair besides the price? For the answer to those questions, ask anyone who has to sit in one for many hours at a time.

What are Luxury Home Office Chairs?

First of all, besides being more expensive, it needs to be comfortable. That’s kind of obvious, isn’t it. Except many people go on price rather than buying a chair that is actually comfortable and better for them when they are sitting all day.

You can of course get desks to stand and work and desks where you can alternate sitting and standing. SEE HERE!

But even if you are only sitting part of the time your chair needs to be comfortable for you.

Before buying a new chair make a list of all the things YOU feel are important. When I last started looking for a chair because of restrictions I couldn’t just go out, look around and try out chairs like I did before. It was some years since I bought the last one and I was amazed at the prices, they seemed to have gone up a lot. I imgine the prices had increased tdue to the increased demand with people working from home.

My List of Requirements

I sit in an office chair all day and my requirements are:

It has to be comfortable, not too padded but enough.

Height adjustment is important because I am short and my legs dangling off the floor is not comfortable.

A comfortable back, properly designed for support.

A Mesh back. Why? Because when it is warm weather I will still be sitting here in my office chair and a solid back will make me hotter. The mesh is cooler, I don’t like sweating. If you do have a solid back go for leather rather than plastic because plastic really makes you sweat. I find that even leather can make my back sweaty at times.

A head rest for those leaning back moments when you are thinking or considering something. Comfort and support are important.

Arms that can be moved out of the way because sometimes you don’t want them there.

On wheels to reach stuff quickly if I am in a hurry. Lazy I know!

I like that when I lean back, thinking about something, my chair can rock slightly, it helps me think.

What do YOU want in a Chair?

Have you given it any thought? Do you work out what you need or just pick the one you like the look of at the right price.

As I said before, it is very important to have an office chair that is comfortable as we tend to spend a lot of time in them.

In this post I will pick out some of the top quality chairs from different suppliers for you. That gives you a wider choice of price and quality.

24 Hour Chairs

This selection are top of the range office chairs, called 24 hour chairs because of their design and comfort level.

Colossal Duo Executive Grey Leather Chair

From the website:Colossal Duo Executive Grey Leather Chair

  • Heavy duty executive chair
  • Rated to 27 stone (170kgs)
  • Double padded seat and back with integrated headrest area
  • Generous seat measurements with waterfall front for increased comfort
  • Features gas height adjustment, weight tension control and standard tilt lockable in the upright position
  • Grey leather faced finish
  • Complete with soft padded armrests
  • 1 year warranty

A beautiful grey leather chair as a change from the standard black ones.

Lets face it, something you spend a large part of your time in has to be comfortable.

Check it out HERE!

Peryton 24 Hour Full Mesh Executive Chair With Headrest

From the website:Peryton 24 Hour Full Mesh Executive Chair With Headrest

  • 24 hour full mesh executive chair with headrest
  • Chiropractor approved seating suitable for 24 hour usage
  • Provides outstanding support and a high level of adjustability
  • Features adjustable soft padded armrests
  • Multifunctional, synchronised, tilt mechanism and adjustable lumbar support
  • Includes seat slide and backrest pivot system
  • Ergonomic arm mounted seat controls
  • Chrome robust frame and 5 star base
  • Finished in black
  • 5 year warranty

Check out the details HERE!

As you can see, this chair has a purely mesh back while still retaining all the features, that make this a luxury office chair.

As I said, I do prefer this personally, having had both types of chair. Just depends on whether you get overheated easily or not.

Chase Heavy Duty Mesh Back Operator Chair

This third variety of chair from this website, has a mesh back but with a closer and more heavy duty weave, to it.

From the website:Chase Heavy Duty Mesh Back Operator Chair

  • Heavy duty mesh back operator chair
  • Ideal for all office environments
  • Suitable for 24 hour use
  • Durable mesh backrest with an ultra deep cushioned seat
  • Soft touch fold up armrests and depth adjustable lumbar support pad
  • Features tilt function with tension control
  • Includes large heavy duty gas lift for easy seat height adjustment
  • Complete with large reinforced 5 star base for added strength and stability
  • Finished in black

This chair has a 2 year warranty with it.

Next up are 3 chairs, again in the higher price range from a different company.


Here we go with the lucky last!

SIHOO Ergonomic Home Office Chair

 Adjustable Lumbar Support 3D Armrests Computer Desk Chair Breathable Mesh Executive High Back Chair(Black)SIHOO Ergonomic Home Office Chair

From the website:

  • 45° adjustable headrest;
  • The armrest can be adjusted up and down; back and forth, 36 ° rotation.
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable sitting experience;
  • Breathable and comfortable mesh backrest and seat cushion;
  • 126° maximum tilt angle allows you to lie down and have a good rest.

This chair had some very good and glowing reviews.

Check this out HERE!


What do you think?

Did you like the selection I chose or would you have preferred something different? I enjoyed finding these luxurious office chairs. I did think at first that it was a lot of money for a chair but the more I researched, the more I realised how important it is to be comfortable when you are sitting in the same chair for hours on end.

Just like your desk needs to be right for you and your needs, so does your chair!

6 thoughts on “Luxury Home Office Chairs”

  1. I work from home so I know the importance of having a comfortable chair. In this case, the price is not the problem but how comfortable and relax you are when working. Of course no one wants to get a chair that will make them easily tired and exhausted when working. That’s why I said the price doesn’t matter. 

    I’m okay with the one I use but I haven’t tried any of the above you listed. But even if I would then the Colossal Duo Executive Grey Leather Chair and XKRSBS Office Chair would definitely be on my list.

    • Thank you for your comment Leon.. 

      I agree the comfort is very important when we are sitting for many hours a day, I learnt that the hard way after working from home for over 10 years. I prefer the mesh back chairs personally but wanted to include a variety because we are all different and have different needs. 

  2. My choice is XKRSBS. And it was a no-brainer ’cause all my family and I are super tall (and kinda wide too, LOL). So we have been searching for chairs that meet our needs but up till this point, we were about to give up. I am glad I found your post. Thank you very much!

    • Thank you for your comments Lydia.
      The right chair is very important and as you said, so is the right setting. A well set out workspace does make a difference too.


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